Fuzzy Buns

Alright, so life has been better. I’ve moved past the sad episode and have been feeling a LOT better.

We started Lamaze classes 3 weeks ago. I LOVE lamaze. It’s so fun discussing birth and learning about it. I’ve always been super fascinated by pregnancy and birth in general.

I’ve also been so focused on planning and executing our baby shower, which finally came and went this weekend. I wish that I had taken more pictures now, looking back. My SIL and MIL did an excellent job planning and decorating!

We had a lot of people show up, mostly on my SO’s side. Tons of games, cupcakes, and gifts! Although I have to say, my favorite part was the onesie tie-dying station we set up.

She’s going to be the snazziest hippie baby of all time!

My SIL made her a quilt with a rainbow backing (she’s our rainbow baby)

And she received two other handmade knitted blankets ❤️

loset is ready to go with all of her clothes washed! I bought her stroller system yesterday, which was the last big item we needed.

Today I'm going to be washing and stuffing her cloth diapers. They are TOO DAMN CUTE.

e weeks until due date!

I'm so excited to meet her. That's what keeps me moving through the stress and tough times.